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Monthly Activities

PNW Garden Guide: Month-by-Month To-Do List For A Thriving Garden

The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush greenery and stunning gardens, but keeping a garden looking its best requires regular maintenance and care. With the changing seasons, specific tasks need to be completed each month to keep a garden thriving.

At Botanical Sam's LLC, we understand that gardening can be a year-round task, and we are here to provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to keep your garden flourishing throughout the seasons. This page will focus on the specific tasks you can undertake in your garden from January to March.

January Garden Chores: Essential Tasks For PNW Gardeners

  • Clear away any leaves, branches, and debris that may have accumulated in the fall.

  • Prune any dormant shrubs and perennials to encourage healthy growth in the spring.

  • Move evergreens or transplant them to new locations as needed.

  • Prune any dormant ornamental or fruit trees to promote healthy growth and fruit production.

  • Apply dormant spray on fruit trees one to two times to control pests and diseases.

  • Keep an eye out for any potential snow damage and take measures to protect your plants.

  • Plan out your spring vegetable garden, considering crop rotation and layout.

  • Keep an eye on your lawn for any moss growth, and treat it if necessary on a dry day.

  • Prune or shape Japanese maples to promote healthy growth and shape.

  • Start seeds indoors for early spring planting.


PNW Garden Prep: Feb. Checklist For Spring

  • Prune any dormant ornamental or fruit trees before they begin to bud.

  • Apply dormant spray to fruit trees until buds begin to open.

  • Order Mason bees for pollination of your garden.

  • Mulch bare soil to minimize weed growth.

  • Weed your garden beds and lawn to prevent weed growth.

  • Prepare the soil for acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas.

  • Mulch trees and bushes retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

  • Prepare your lawn for the upcoming season by top-dressing, seeding, and mulching.

  • Remove frost protection from plants when the risk of frost has passed.

  • Continue starting seeds indoors for early spring planting.

Spring Readiness: March Checklist For PNW Gardeners

● Prune any dormant ornamental or fruit trees before they begin to bud.
● Apply dormant spray to fruit trees until buds begin to open.
● Order Mason bees for pollination of your garden.
● Condition the soil in raised beds for planting.
● Mulch, fertilizer, compost, and augment soil to prepare for spring planting.
● Jet Joe's Fur Dow Dassia while re-mulching beds to prevent weed growth.
● Clean up any remaining debris or dead plants from the previous season.

Beyond The Basics: Additional Lawn Prep Tasks For PNW Gardens

In addition to these monthly tasks, there are other tasks that we can provide for their customers throughout the year. These may include regular lawn maintenance, mulching, fertilizing, and pest control. They can also help with landscape design and installation, including planting trees, shrubs, and flowers and building hardscape features such as patios and retaining walls.

Orange Wall

Follow Botanical Sam's Monthly Checklist For PNW Garden Success!

Maintaining a garden in the Pacific Northwest requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and hard work. Working with Botanical Sam's LLC professionals can help homeowners keep their gardens looking their best throughout the year. From planning and planting to maintenance and pest control, these professionals can provide a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of their customers. By following these general monthly activities from January to March, homeowners can help to ensure that their gardens thrive and flourish throughout the year.

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